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January 2017

In Depth Post #2 (Week 3)

Over the past two weeks, I feel like I made some progress but there’s still a lot more to be done. Unfortunately, since the person who was supposed to be my mentor cancelled, I was in a rush to find another… Continue Reading →

Socials 9 – The Final Post

Part A: Initial Expectations and Goals Every year for Social Studies, I expected nothing more or nothing less. However, this year, I expected Socials in TALONS to be really difficult with a mass amount of homework and tests. That did… Continue Reading →

Grace Elliott’s Final Address

Grace Elliott’s book: “Journal of my Life During the French Revolution”  link here I was a witness–a witness of the French Revolution. I moved to France and was introduced to the Duke of Orleans in 1784, and became a permanent resident in… Continue Reading →

In-Depth Post #1 – The Introduction

I’ve been waiting for this moment since September–it’s finally in-depth! For this year’s in-depth, I decided to learn about financing. I had a really hard time trying to find an in-depth topic since there were too many things I wanted… Continue Reading →

Before Grace Elliott’s Life During the French Revolution

I was born in Scotland and am the youngest daughter of advocate and poet Hew Dalrymple (died 1774) and Grisel Craw (died 1765). My ex-husband, John Elliott, received £12,000 in damages, and got divorced with me. However my brother kidnapped me and had… Continue Reading →

Hamilton Thememap

My theme statement was, “we tend to push away the moments that hurt us.” Though this statement mostly relates to, “It’s Quiet Uptown,” it is actually used throughout the entire musical. The examples I provided were, “It’s Quiet Uptown,” Hamilton and… Continue Reading →

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