I’ve been waiting for this moment since September–it’s finally in-depth!

image creds to glance.net

For this year’s in-depth, I decided to learn about financing. I had a really hard time trying to find an in-depth topic since there were too many things I wanted to learn about. Nonetheless, I realized that I should go “in-depth” on a subject which would help me on a daily basis when I’ll need to manage everything independently. Then I gave it a really deep thought–what is a big factor in life that will apply to me every day? Well, almost everyday we go out and buy something new whether it’s food, clothes, electronics, etc. To buy those items, you’ll need money but, I hardly have any knowledge or information about managing money or, just finance in general.

When I become an adult, I will need to know how to manage my own money and know how to spend it efficiently. Since money is such a big factor in life, knowing how to manage money through the bank now, will give myself a head start and go more in-depth about financing. However, since I have never managed money professionally or not, in my life, managing money and helping individuals guide their finances will be a completely new experience and I will probably be lacking quite a lot. However, practice does make perfect therefore, learning important skills from my mentor will be crucial in order to eliminate my flaws. To show my progress, I will be keeping track of every new information I learn and comparing them from what I learned from last time. That way, I can identify and compare my knowledge from then to now easily. By the end of in-depth, I hope to know how manage my money efficiently rather than wasting them on useless items, knowing how to save up for my college savings. Additionally, I’d like to advise others about any money issues and how to manage money competently in the future.

image creds to Student Life Asia

I haven’t been able to get a confirmation with my mentor yet, but considering that she is my mentor, here’s a bit of her information. She works at BMO Bank of Montreal (one of the Big Five banks in Canada) and they, the bank, are operating as the BMO Financial Group. I first got to know her when my mom and I went to the bank and she helped my mom a lot. Since she works at the bank and has a great amount of information based on finance, I really wish to learn a lot from her.

In general, I am really excited to learn more about financing since I know this will be a tremendous help in the long-term. I can’t wait to upload my second post!