I can’t believe its already over. It feels as if yesterday I was freaking out about eminent.

This year for night of the notables, my preeminent goal was to show others the emptiness and struggles of a lawyer back in the 1800s and I think I did a fairly decent job in doing so. Back then, people didn’t have access to any electronic devices. In order, to show this, I purposely didn’t bring in many devices lawyers today would have access to. Furthermore, last year, I didn’t really have much communication with the visitors. Which is why this year, I decided to have more conversations rather than doing activities. 

Learning centre 2 minute video

(I realized after I arrived home that the top part of my learning centre had not gotten into the film)

For future learning opportunities similar to Night of the Notables, I’ll have a better idea of what to do, how to prepare, and ways to make my project look impactful. I really think that having two opportunities is not enough. I believe the third attempt is when we all start to get a grasp of what we’re supposed to do. Although a third opportunity may never arise, needless to say, eminent this year was definitely a success.

Alumni Raiya once said, “… those three seconds of dead silence after your speech, followed by the thunderous cheers from your classmates. The energy from that night will stick with us our entire life.” Last year when I read this quote, I had no idea what it meant. Maybe it was because I was too nervous when presenting my speech; however, this year, I knew exactly what she meant. I will never forget the roar of cheer coming from the audience after everyone’s speeches. It was as if each clap was lifting a pound of weight off of my shoulders. Another unforgettable moment would be during the learning centre presentations. I came across an Asian-Canadian student whose dream was to become a lawyer in America. He told me that a couple years back, he had the thought of giving up because he was scared of the fact that his peers wouldn’t accept him for not being white. I told him I sometimes have the same thought but other times I may be over-exaggerating. During the a 30 minute talk, he told me not to get swayed by other people’s opinions and beliefs. Rather, I should only be focusing on reaching my goal regardless of the amount of competition. 


Overall, my project ended really successfully thanks to, 

The teachers – Ms. Mulder, Mr. Salisbury, and Mr. Morris for making this night possible.

My parents – for helping me get supplies and giving me a hand when I needed it 

The tens – for being such great supporters from beginning to end

The nines – for giving everyone encouragement and energy 


Compared to the amount of preparation, one night is not enough to deliver everything. Although eminent is officially over, who knows, maybe I’ll do a non-official eminent project sometime in the future.