1. Inquiry Question

What is the story of Lauryn’s trophy?

2. Source

Although I wasn’t there to witness the making process of the trophy, the trophy is a firsthand evidence from the tournament itself. On the trophy, it says was produced in China and I’m assuming in either early 2017 or late 2016.

3. Context

The year was February 2016, and I attended my first ever University tournament for debate. I was extremely eager to do well because all the other teams were much more experienced and skilled than I was. Which was why, I worked twice as hard, I practiced twice as much, and I slept twice as little. As a result, I advanced to elimination rounds for the first time and received an award. This showed others that I have to potential to grow a lot as a debater and motivated me to work even harder. After about a year of training, I started seeing progress and every tournament I went to, I advanced. 

4. Description

The trophy is silver, it looks as if it’s made out of metal but in reality, it’s plastic. There is also a red sign on the trophy that reads, “2017 Stanford National Invitational Triple-Octafinalist JV Public Forum Debate.” It’s interesting how there’s a woman holding a large star on the trophy and I question the correlation that and debate.

5. Inferences About Perspective

The main audience for the trophies given at the tournament is definitely for the debaters; however, the triple-octafinalist trophy specifically belongs to me. The trophies probably started getting produced 32 years ago at the first Annual Stanford National Invitational Tournament seeing how the trophies look the same every year.

6. Inferences About Inquiry Question

My trophy tells a story and the story can only be heard well by examining the trophy. It most definitely does help me answer my inquiry question because it confirms and extends to what I know by showing and not just telling. The trophy is a source of evidence to back up my claim. An addition question I have is, if I had never received an award from Stanford, would I have felt the same motivation to work harder and improve?