June 1, 1857


Sir John Manners-Sutton, 


I am writing this letter on behalf of the citizens of New Brunswick. Since the Fenian Raids, the people of New Brunswick are very insecure and demanding confederation. Yes, I am aware many citizens were against the idea in the past, but this is no longer the case. Sir, through Canadian confederation, we have the opportunity to alleviate problems we are currently facing. Not only can we increase our military and defence systems, but we can also improve access to wider market through the use of an intercolonial railway, and most importantly, have our own culture. 

The Fenians recently attacked Campobello Island hoping to capture Canadian territory. Thankfully, it ended unsuccessfully, but this does not mean we should get our guard down. Through confederation, we will be able to gain immense benefits regarding our military and security. We would have a national army, eliminating the need for British forces while still having a strong defence system. This means, we would be protected from future Fenian and American attacks using our own strength.

Additionally, confederation would lead us to build an intercolonial railway, connect with the rest of the country, and choose a variety of choices of goods from an expanded market. There will be no need to worry about being in debt or facing an economic recession constructing the railway because Great Britain has promised to help with the costs.

Finally, the greatest benefit all Canadians receive from confederation is the establishment of our own Canadian culture. If we want to preserve our distinctive identity and cultural traditions, we need to agree to confederation. After being under the British rule for over a hundred years, it’s about time we take a step forward to create our own cultural identity without Britain intervening our ways. French Canadians would be able to partly control their own affairs since they have assured an electoral majority.

Sir, imagine a world where we no longer have to live under constant fear of American expansionism. Imagine a world where we can connect with the rest of the country through a single railway. Imagine Canada. 


Charles Fisher

Attorney-General of New Brunswick