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Eminent Person

In-depth Post #3 – The Context

I can’t believe it’s already week five of In-depth! My mentor and I had four meetings so far and there’s still many more to come. In our most recent meeting, my mentor and I went over the step by step process of drawing… Continue Reading →

Eminent – Final Post

I can’t believe its already over. It feels as if yesterday I was freaking out about eminent. This year for night of the notables, my preeminent goal was to show others the emptiness and struggles of a lawyer back in the 1800s and… Continue Reading →

Eminent – Annotated Bibliography

During the process of researching my eminent person, Charlotte E. Ray, I came to the realization that there wasn’t a lot of information about her. I searched numerous libraries such as, the Vancouver Public Library, Coquitlam Library City Centre Branch, Coquitlam… Continue Reading →

Eminent – Document of Learning

Night of the Notables Intentions Last year, I realized a lot of people chose well-known notables such as Elon Musk, Hilary Clinton, as well as Marilyn Monroe as their eminent person. Unlike them, I decided to shed some light on those… Continue Reading →

Eminent – Storytelling Arc

Charlotte E. Ray – Storytelling Arc Exposition: Setting the scene by introducing who I am (my name), the date, as well as telling the audience that I had just applied for the to practice in the Supreme Court of the District… Continue Reading →

An Introduction to Charlotte E. Ray

Extending from the 17th century to the 1960s, privileges were given to White Americans but denied to Native Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanic and Latino Americans. Slavery, Segregation, immigration and naturalization law, and internment camps were major racially and ethically structured… Continue Reading →

Learning Centre (BEFORE AND AFTER NotN)

At first, I was a bit confused. I had no idea what or how to present my learning center for the Night of the Notables. It couldn’t be a plain poster, and it couldn’t be just like a regular ‘science… Continue Reading →

Annotated Biblography

Bibloggraphy Avil Beckford, Expert Interviewer, Writer, Blogger, Host of the Read the World Extreme Challenge, “Wisdom Wednesdays: Margaret Knight Inventor”, August 3, 2011, Margaret Knight, Inventor Margaret Knight Inventor is an article written by Avil Beckford. This article has many information about… Continue Reading →

Eminent Person Interview

I decided to interview the author of “Margaret Knight, Girl Inventor”– Marlene Brill and here’s how it went: What motivated you to write about Margaret Knight? I was looking for boys and girls to include in my book. EXTRAORDINARY YOUNG… Continue Reading →

VPL and Bookstore Post 2016

On October 21, we, the TALONS students, went to the Vancouver Public Library to research further into our Eminent Person Study. It was an insightful experience and whole lot of help. We met at the fare gates of the skytrain station… Continue Reading →

Inventor of the Paper Bag

pa·per bag noun a small bag made of paper.       “The lady Edison” or “a woman Edison”– widely known for her paper bag invention– she is Margaret E. Knight. Margaret Knight was born in York, Maine on February 14,… Continue Reading →

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